Shireen Renee

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Shireen Renée is a Los Angeles-based artist and fashion designer. She was born in Houston, TX on February 4th, 1983, and lived in the Chicago Northwest suburbs for much of her childhood and young adulthood before moving to Los Angeles in 2008 to start her fashion career.

She holds a BFA in fashion design from Columbia College Chicago but is predominantly self-taught in the visual arts. Her love for drawing started at around 4 years old, with her preferred medium being pencil drawing until her late twenties when she tried oil painting for the first time and fell in love with it. Music has always played a major role in her life and is one of the main sources of inspiration for her art. Her most recent works feature a variety of textures and experimentation with mixed media, from pistachio shells to seashells combined with oil and acrylics.

In 2019, she combined her art and fashion skills by starting an artwear apparel brand called Art Of Uniformity®. Her AOU label showcases hand-painted and hand-embellished military and vintage garments. Being an advocate for sustainability, she loves the concept of upcycling, which is something she frequently does in both her apparel and art practices.

Although she is new to the art world, Shireen has already received several honorable mentions and awards for her art and is quickly making a name for herself among her contemporaries. She has been recently published in the 35th and 36th editions of Artistonish magazine, and her art is currently on display at Artlounge Collective in West Hollywood, California and at the Santa Clarita Community Center.


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