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Animaniacs: Seasons 1 – 3 (Soundtrack from the Animated Series)

Animaniacs: Seasons 1 – 3 (Soundtrack from the Animated Series)

iam8bit | CAT #: 8BIT-8226

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2xLP on Translucent Black Vinyl

Soundtrack from the Animated Series (2020 - 2023)

Featuring songs from Seasons 1-3

Music by Animaniacs

Album Art by Gabe Swarr, Tony Craig, and Roman Laney


ARTIST: Animaniacs
LABEL: iam8bit
CAT NO: 8BIT-8226

  • TV Soundtrack


Music has always been a vital part of the Animaniacs experience. So naturally, when the show made its triumphant return in 2020, it brought with it a whole new slate of fully-orchestrated and sharp-witted songs, performed by the Warner siblings (and their colorful cast of collaborators) themselves.

But, as you’re probably all-too-aware, a lot has happened since we last saw The Animaniacs. The world has changed, yes, but The Animaniacs have stayed the same — they’re still bringing their signature brand of irreverent animated satire to the context of current-day events, with commentary on topics ranging from Amazon Drones to social media and even an all-new updated history of everything. We at iam8bit are teaming up with our friends at WaterTower Music to collect the very best of the Animaniacs’ new songs for you here.

This is Animaniacs: Seasons 1 – 3 (Soundtrack from the Animated Series) 2xLP! It features all your favorite songs from the 2020-2023 reboot, collected on vinyl for the very first time and pressed on beautiful translucent black wax.

For the album art, we were honored to work with a veritable supergroup of Animaniacs veterans: Executive Producer Gabe Swarr (My Life as a Teenage Robot, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness), Storyboard Artist Tony Craig (Lilo & Stitch: The Series, Timon & Pumbaa), and Art Director Roman Laney (The Powerpuff Girls, Bubble Guppies). The result is album art and packaging that quite simply demands display from any Animaniacs superfan.

The world has changed, but letting a little Ani-maney, totally insaney chaos into your life is still just as important as ever.


1. Main Title (Animaniacs)
2. Pinky & The Brain
3. Reboot It
4. The Cutening
5. Limbs Fall Off
6. Banana Hammock
7. Be Like Me
8. Bonding
9. The Catch-Up Song
10. Lakes Are Fun
11. Suffragette Song
12. I’m Gonna Each’cha
13. Rap Battle
14. Rap Battle
15. Main Title (Anima–Nyet)
16. Alien Chorus
18. A-Zit
19. A Brief History of History
20. Warner’s Ark
21. Yakko’s Big Idea
22. I Ate a Rock
23. Coffee
24. Yakko’s World in the 1800s
25. The Hamburg Tickler Song
26. Category 5
27. Fresh Pinky
28. I Am the Very Model of an Ancient Roman Emperor
29. Magna Cartoon
30. Conceive of Yourself
31. Gruesome Ol’ Gruel
32. Sing a Song for Your Gruel
33. The Bayeux Tapestry
34. Christopher Columbus Song
35. Flora Dora
36. Narf Day Song with Pinky
37. Narf Day Song with The Brain
38. Here Comes the Sea
39. Stressed to the Nines
40. For Mule Late
41. Duck Uncovered
42. Life's a Pitch
43. New Whirled Symphony Julie Noted
44. Rides to the Occasion
45. Dog Daze
46. Back an Alien
47. Dawn Knots
48. Card Cue
49. Ring of Ire
50. Marvel Us
51. Creature Discomforts
52. Alpha Bait




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