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Haruka Nakamura

Aoi Mori (Blue Forest) [Japanese Import]

Aoi Mori (Blue Forest) [Japanese Import]

Todai Records | CAT #: TR-05

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  • Japanese Import
  • 1xLP pressed on Classic Black Vinyl


ARTIST: Haruka Nakamura
LABEL: Todai Records

  • Ambient / New Age
  • Neo-Classical


Haruka Nakamura's first ambient album, created with the theme of ``forest,'' as music for Tsutaya Shoten.

A nostalgic yet new sound. The jacket photo is by Rinko Kawauchi, a photographer with whom she has a close friendship.

This work, which was released as a CD album in September 2023, will be released as a 12-inch record along with the second work ``Aoi Mori?''.

Starting in September 2023, musician Haruka Nakamura will be in charge of in-store music for some Tsutaya Bookstore stores for one year.

All songs are newly written songs for the Tsutaya Shoten Project.

We plan to produce four albums through the summer of 2024, with the theme of ``forest,'' which is also the concept of a bookstore.

Although it is a new sound in Harukanakamura's career, it is original ambient music that has a nostalgic feel.

80's synthesizers, distant hymns, reverberating piano, electronica, Fender Rhodes, and soothing minimal music sounds.

These songs make you feel like you are taking a deep breath in the forest in this day and age where relaxation is sought after.

Analog mastering was done by Gen Tanabe (studio camel house), who has a reputation for mastering records of Nakamura's works.

The LP binding also has a conceptual and beautiful design that makes you feel like you are looking through a window into the forest world expressed in Rinko Kawauchi's photographs.

About Haruka Nakamura

Born in Aomori / Musician

She moved to Tokyo at the age of 15 to pursue music.

In 2008, she released her first album ''grace''.

She mainly played the guitar, but after her 2nd album ``Twilight'', she began to create music mainly using the piano. Her masterpieces include the muted piano solo ''Still Life,'' the collaboration with THE NORTH FACE ''Light years'' series, and ''Nujabes Pray Reflections.'' Her latest work, her Tsutaya Shoten music ``Aoi Mori?'', covers all four works and is covered with jacket photos by photographer Rinko Kawauchi, and is currently being distributed mainly at Daikanyama Tsutaya Shoten. In recent years, she has been in charge of the theme music for the Michio Hoshino Photo Exhibition Concert ``Traveling Music'' and the NHK Special for the ``Gaudi and Sagrada Familia Exhibition'' at the National Museum of Modern Art. She has performed in a wide range of fields, including perhonen's collection video music and live performances, as well as collaboration live performances with chef Ai Hosokawa and others. She has sung the theme song for the NHK Saturday drama ''Hikikomori Sensei,'' Hulu's ''His Breath,'' the TV documentary ''Tadao Ando: Telling the Next Generation,'' and the TV anime ''TRIGUN STANPEDE'' with Salyu. She is in charge of various music for Nintendo's ``Animal Crossing'' and ``Pocari Sweat'' commercials.

For a long time, she continued to make music while traveling, but since 2021 she has been living and making music in her hometown of northern Japan.


1. Aoi Mori
2. Chiisana Yume
3. Mori No Piano Dai Ichiban (1st)
4. Sense of Wonder
5. the window
6. Mori No Piano Dai Niban (2nd)
7. words of silence
8. Sugite Yuku Kisetsu
9. Mori No Piano Dai Niban (3rd)
10. Kaze No Tabibito




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