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Akari Kaida & Yoshino Aoki

Breath of Fire III (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

Breath of Fire III (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

Ship To Shore PhonoCo. | CAT #: STS-130

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  • First vinyl release of classic video game soundtrack
  • Limited Edition pressed on 2xLP pressed on Blue & Purple Swirl Vinyl
  • Also available in Clear Vinyl
  • Liner notes from Axe of the Blood Gods’ Nadia Oxford
  • New Artwork by Tbone & Aljax


ARTIST: Akari Kaida & Yoshino Aoki
LABEL: Ship To Shore PhonoCo.

  • Video Game Soundtrack
  • Electronic


Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the original video game soundtrack to Capcom’s Breath of Fire III, on vinyl for the first time!

Charging onto the Playstation platform in 1997, Breath of Fire III was notable as the first game in the franchise to present itself with 3D environments and voice acting, along with its expanded gameplay — one aspect of which allowed players to train and develop new skills under a tutorage system, heightening the immersive aspect of this JRPG.Taking advantage of this move to the 32-bit console, Capcom Sound Team’s Akari Kaida & Yoshino Aoki ditched the epic orchestral arrangements as heard in previous games in favour of something that can only really be described as Japanese smooth jazz-fusion, making for a truly unique and pleasurable listening experience.

Presented as a limited edition double LP featuring new artwork by Tbone & AIJax and liner notes by Axe of the Blood God podcast host Nadia Oxford, this is one release that isn’t just for fans of video game soundtracks but also – due to its jazz, funk, rock and J-Pop elements – for Japanese music buffs of all persuasions!


Side A
1. Opening the Gate
2. Prologue
3. What Do You Mean, "Half Done"?
4. Casually
5. Do Your Best!
6. Country Living
7. The Perfect Day (Even the Sun's Happy)
8. Take it and Run
9. Half Asleep
10. Eden

Side B
1. My Favorite Trick
2. Island
3. Escape
4. The Insane Warriors
5. Fighting Man
6. People, Cats, Birds and Sea Lice
7. The Game That Never Ends
9. Guild

Side C
1. Steam Locomotion
2. Atomic Energy
3. For the Dragons ~ Main Theme ~
4. An Uncertain Millennium
5. Castle in the Sky
6. Battle for Tomorrow ~ SE Collection ~
7. Ending ~ Stairs ~
8. Escape Once Again

Side D
1. The Game Never Ends ~ Real Jazz Style ~
2. Sigh of the Faerie ~KOTOMONASHI Acid Jazz Style ~
3. Fighting Man - Garr's Theme
4. Pure Again - Staff Roll




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