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Capcom Sound Team

Mega Man™ X 1-8: The Collection [Import]

Mega Man™ X 1-8: The Collection [Import]

Laced Records | CAT #: LMLP078

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  • 210 remastered tracks from eight Mega Man™ X titles
  • Limited Edition features 8xLP pressed on 180-Gram Audiophile Classic Black Vinyl
  • Featuring deluxe spined inner sleeves
  • Housed in a luxury rigid board slipcase
  • Original artwork by illustrator ultimatemaverickx


ARTIST: Capcom Sound Team
LABEL: Laced Records

  • Video Game Soundtrack
  • Soundtrack


CAPCOM and Laced Records continue their partnership to bring classic video game music to vinyl with Mega Man™ X 1-8: The Collection, a deluxe eight-disc box set featuring 210 tracks from the mainline titles in the Mega Man X series spanning 1993-2004.

Launched on the Super NES® as the gaming world transitioned from 8-bit to 16-bit consoles, the Mega Man X series introduced more mobility to the action-platforming series, as well as new plotlines and characters including X, Zero, and Axl.

Every track has been remastered specifically for this release and will be pressed onto eight audiophile-quality, heavyweight 180g vinyl LPs. These come packaged in deluxe spined inner sleeves, housed in a luxury rigid board slipcase. The box set features brand-new original artwork by illustrator and Mega Man maven ultimatemaverickx.


Mega Man X
A1 Capcom Logo
A2 Title
A3 Password
A4 Opening Stage
A5 Vile 1
A6 Vile 2
A7 Zero
A8 Cutscene
A9 Stage Select 1
A10 Stage Start
A11 Launch Octopus Stage
A12 Chill Penguin Stage
A13 Flame Mammoth Stage
A14 Boomer Kuwanger Stage
A15 Sting Chameleon Stage
B1 Spark Mandrill Stage
B2 Storm Eagle Stage
B3 Armored Armadillo Stage
B4 Boss 1
B5 Boss 2
B6 Stage Complete
B7 You Got A New Weapon
B8 Stage Select 2
B9 Sigma Stage 1
B10 Sigma Stage 2
B11 Sigma Stage 3
B12 Sigma Stage 4
B13 Sigma 1
B14 Sigma Rebirth
B15 Sigma 2
B16 Dr. Light Capsule
C1 Ending
C2 Cast Roll
C3 Staff Credits

Mega Man X2
C4 Opening Theme
C5 Title
C6 Password
C7 Opening Stage
C8 Sub-Boss 1
C9 Sub-Boss 2
C10 Cutscene
C11 Stage Select 1
C12 Stage Start
C13 Wire Sponge Stage
C14 Morph Moth Stage
C15 Flame Stag Stage
C16 Magna Centipede Stage
D1 Overdrive Ostrich Stage
D2 Bubble Crab Stage
D3 Wheel Gator Stage
D4 Crystal Snail Stage
D5 Boss 1
D6 Boss 2
D7 Stage Complete
D8 You Got A New Weapon
D9 Laboratory
D10 Stage Select 2
D11 X-Hunter Stage 1
D12 X-Hunter Stage 2
D13 Zero
D14 Sigma 1
D15 Sigma 2
D16 Dr. Light Capsule
D17 Ending
D18 Staff Credits

Mega Man X3
E1 Opening Theme
E2 Title
E3 Password
E4 Opening Stage
E5 Zero
E6 Stage Select
E7 Stage Start
E8 Blast Hornet Stage
E9 Blizzard Buffalo Stage
E10 Gravity Beetle Stage
E11 Toxic Seahorse Stage
E12 Volt Catfish Stage
E13 Crush Crawfish Stage
E14 Tunnel Rhino Stage
E15 Neon Tiger Stage
F1 Vile Stage
F2 Boss 1
F3 Boss 2
F4 Stage Complete
F5 You Got A New Weapon
F6 Laboratory
F7 Stage Select 2
F8 Doppler Stage 1
F9 Doppler Stage 2
F10 Doppler Stage Boss
F11 Sigma 1
F12 Sigma 2
F13 Doppler Cutscene
F14 Dr. Light Capsule
F15 Ending
F16 Cast Roll

Mega Man X4
G1 Title
G2 Player Select
G3 Stage Select
G4 Opening Stage (X)
G5 Opening Stage (Zero)
G6 Eregion
G7 Stage Start
G8 Web Spider Stage
G9 Cyber Peacock Stage
G10 Storm Owl Stage
G11 Magma Dragoon Stage
G12 Jet Stingray Stage
H1 Split Mushroom Stage
H2 Slash Beast Stage
H3 Frost Walrus Stage 1
H4 Frost Walrus Stage 2
H5 Boss Theme
H6 Stage Complete (X)
H7 Stage Complete (Zero)
H8 You Got A New Weapon
H9 Space Port Stage
H10 Colonel / General
H11 Final Weapon Stage
I1 Double
I2 Iris
I3 Sigma 1
I4 Sigma 2
I5 Dr. Light Capsule
I6 Cutscene 1
I7 Cutscene 2
I8 Sigma Cutscene
I9 Independence
I10 Double's Betrayal
I11 Ending (X)
I12 Memories Of The Past 1
I13 Colonel Vs. Zero
I14 Zero's Past
I15 Ending (Zero)
I16 Mega Man X4 Opening
I17 Mega Man X4 Staff Credits

Mega Man X5
J1 Mega Man X5 Opening Theme
J2 Character Select
J3 Opening Stage (X)
J4 Opening Stage (Zero)
J5 Stage Select 1
J6 Stage Start
J7 Crescent Grizzly Stage
J8 Volt Kraken Stage
J9 Shining Firefly Stage
J10 Tidal Whale Stage
J11 Dr. Light Capsule
K1 Spiral Pegasus Stage
K2 Spike Rosered Stage
K3 Dark Necrobat Stage
K4 Burn Dinorex Stage
K5 Boss Theme
K6 Stage Complete (X)
K7 Stage Complete (Zero)
K8 Mission Report
K9 Dynamo
K10 Zero Stage 1
L1 Shadow Devil
L2 Rangda Bangda W
L3 Zero Stage 2
L4 X Vs. Zero
L5 Sigma 1
L6 Sigma 2
L7 Death Of Zero
L8 Mega Man X5 Ending Theme

Mega Man X6
M1 D-1000
M2 Stage Select
M3 Stage Start
M4 Commander Yammark Stage
M5 Rainy Turtloid Stage
M6 Shield Sheldon Stage
M7 Blizzard Wolfgang Stage
M8 Blaze Heatnix Stage
M9 Infinity Mijinion Stage
M10 Dr. Light Capsule
N1 Metal Shark Player Stage
N2 Ground Scaravich Stage
N3 Boss Theme
N4 Stage Complete (X)
N5 Stage Complete (Zero)
N6 Mission Report
N7 Gate's Laboratory
N8 High Max
N9 Gate
N10 Sigma 1
N11 Sigma 2
N12 Alia / Gate
N13 Zero

Mega Man X7
O1 No Holdin' Back - Mega Man X7 Cutscene
O2 Conflict - Escape Stage
O3 Underground - Tunnel Base Stage
O4 Naval Battle - Battleship Stage
O5 Ruins 'N' Vines - Deep Forest Stage
O6 Cyber Geometry - Cyber Field Stage
O7 Result
O8 Our Blood Boils - Vs. Sigma 1st
O9 Conclusion - Vs. Sigma Final
O10 Rookie Punk - Axl's Theme

Mega Man X8
P1 Theme Of Mega Man X8
P2 Stage Start
P3 Troia Base - Passage
P4 Troia Base - Progress
P5 Booster Forest
P6 Booster Forest - Ride Armor (Cyclops)
P7 Vs. Maverick Boss
P8 Vs. Vile
P9 Vs. Lumine - Second Form
P10 Paradise Lost
P11 Save / Load
P12 Ending



Composers include:

  • Setsuo Yamamoto (Mega Man X)
  • Yuki “Sato” Iwai (Mega Man X & Mega Man X2)
  • Yuko Takehara (Mega Man X)
  • Makoto “Tomozou” Tomozawa (Mega Man X)
  • Kinuyo Yamashita (Mega Man X3)
  • Toshihiko Horiyama (Mega Man X4)
  • Naoto Tanaka (Mega Man X5)
  • Akemi Kimura (Mega Man X6, Mega Man X7 & Mega Man X8)
  • Yuko Komiyama, Shinya "Midnight" Okada, and Seiko Kobuchi (Mega Man X7 & Mega Man X8 as ‘Capcom Sound Team’)
  • Makoto Asai, Teruo Konishi, Shuichi Mizohata, Noriyuki Iwadare, and Takuya Miyawaki (Mega Man X7 as ‘Valuewave’)
  • The music of Yasuaki “Bun Bun” Fujita and original Mega Man composer Manami Matsumae.


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