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Various Artists

Deathloop (Original Soundtrack Deluxe Box Set) [Import]

Deathloop (Original Soundtrack Deluxe Box Set) [Import]

Laced Records | CAT #: LMLP154

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  • 59 tracks remastered for vinyl
  • Black vinyl
  • Deluxe 3mm spined inner sleeves
  • Rigid board slipcase
  • Includes “Déjà Vu” (feat. FJØRA)


ARTIST: Various Artists
LABEL: Laced Records

  • Video Game Soundtrack
  • Soundtrack


The visionaries at Bethesda, Arkane, and Laced are bringing the twisted ’60s soundtrack for award-winning looper-shooter DEATHLOOP to wax.

The complete 59-track soundtrack has been specially mastered for vinyl and will be pressed onto heavyweight discs. These will come in spined inner sleeves housed in a rigid board slipcase. Tracklist curation and stunning original sleeve artwork are by the team at Arkane Lyon.

This Standard Edition quadruple LP box set features traditional black discs.

Lead composer Tom Salta has built an enviable credits list, with entries in the Prince of Persia, Tom Clancy, and Halo universes to his name. For DEATHLOOP’s original score, he immersed himself in the music of Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Nelson Riddle and a host of other late-’60s influences. Layers of period-appropriate organs, synths, and other instruments (including Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and Hammond B3) help maintain the tension as Colt picks off Eternalists from the shadows. As things get dicey, or Julianna intervenes with extreme prejudice, tracks explode into furious guitar and drum grooves that propel the zany, supernaturally enhanced gunplay.

Ross Tregenza’s multi-genre diegetic cues perfectly complement the psycho-sophisticate stylings of Blackreef’s artistically aspirational inhabitants, while songwriter Erich Talaba and singer Jeff Cummings brought to life the vicious visionary Frank Spicer with catchy in-universe songs. Music agency Sencit teamed up with powerful yet soulful vocalists for trailer and credits songs, including Bond-ish banger “Déjà Vu” (featuring FJØRA), “Pitch Black” (featuring Lady Blackbird) and “Down the Rabbit Hole” (featuring Samantha Howard & Haqq.)


1. Splashscreen 01
2. Welcome to Blackreef
3. Menu - Break The Loop
4. Menu - Protect The Loop
5. Invasion Started
6. Invasion Updated
7. Invasion Ended
8. Rocket Man
9. New Discovery
10. A Band Apart (Frank Spicer)
11. Splashscreen 02
12. Updaam
13. Anonymous (Aleksis Dorsey)
14. Colt Gameover
15. Colt Win
16. You Have No Class (by Frank Spicer)
17. Splashscreen 03
18. Karl's Bay
19. Hazardous (Harriet Morse)
20. Julianna Gameover
21. Julianna Win
22. Ode To Somewhere (by Frank Spicer)
23. Splashscreen 04
24. The Complex
25. Paranormal Activity (Egor Serling)
26. The Revenant (by Frank Spicer)
27. Splashscreen 05
28. Fristad Rock
29. Delirium (Fia Zborowska)
30. Equality Gameover
31. Target Killed
32. Lady S (by Frank Spicer)
33. Splashscreen 06
34. New Danger
35. Space Invader (Charlie Montague)
36. New Mystery Unlocked
37. Ubiquity (Wenjie Evans)
38. New Milestone Reached
39. Final Confrontation
40. New Conclusion
41. Déjà Vu
42. Splashscreen 07
43. Eternal Deathwish
44. Carnival
45. Stuff Dispensers
46. Heartbreaker
47. No Saints No Sinners
48. Madame K
49. Sun Goes Down
50. The Moxie
51. Pitch Black (promotional)
52. Splashscreen 08
53. Wrong Side of the Mirror
54. Safe Room
55. The Dahlia's lounge
56. Automaton's Tango
57. Time Flies
58. Candybar
59. Down the Rabbit Hole (promotional)



Artists: Tom Salta, Ross Tregenza, Erich Talaba, Sencit and more


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