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Raphaël Gesqua

Flashback 2 (Original Game Soundtrack) [Import]

Flashback 2 (Original Game Soundtrack) [Import]

Microids Records | CAT #: DV12810

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  • 2xLP pressed on Sea Blue and Red Double Vinyl
  • 30th Anniversary Edition
  • Sondtrack to the Classic 90s Video Game


ARTIST: Raphaël Gesqua
LABEL: Microids Records
CAT NO: DV12810

  • Video Game Soundtrack
  • Electronic


Conrad is back! 30 years after Flashback, the legendary game by Paul Cuisset, which made the license known around the world, is back with this new science fiction action-adventure game!

Flashback was ahead of its time and offered great innovations with great character animations. A true pioneer in 1992, the game has also reached legendary video game status thanks to its rich and endearing history. This now video game classic is regularly ranked among the 100 best games of all time!

It is now getting a facelift on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, and this brand new 2.5D version of Flashback 2… After his victory over the “Master Brain” in the first episode, Conrad and his allies are once again confronted with Morphs, which threaten all civilizations.

The completely new original soundtrack was produced by Raphael Gesqua, the most talented French composer of his generation. With around a hundred original soundtracks created for video games or cinema since the beginning of the 90s, Raphael reunites here with the one who got him started in the world of video games: Paul Cuisset, on Flashback: The Quest For Identity with the Commodore and Amiga versions.

Raphael offers us here a very rich soundtrack navigating between cinematic music, electronics, and synthwave ambiances. A must-have for all science fiction fans.


1. Opening
2. Conrad B. Hart
3. Conrad's Actions
4. First Assault
5. Tangowave
6. Motorbike
7. Action Hart
8. Alter Speed Bay
9. Reward
10. Shark Fu
11. New Area
12. Bad Way
13. New Tokyo
14. Future Wars
15. Ambush
16. Alphassasin
17. The Ancients
18. Helene (Reprise) Jungle
19. Hidden
20. Binary Chase
21. Hero
22. Discovery
23. Opera Seria for Office Hall
24. Fusion Morph
25. Final Flight Megadrive Reflection
26. Final Fight
27. Flashback2 End Credits
28. [Previously unreleased bonus track] - The Pyramid
29. [Previously unreleased bonus track] - Morphs
30. [Extra bonus track] - Game(s) Over




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Flashback 2 (Original Game Soundtrack) [Import] - Raphaël Gesqua | Helix Sounds
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2LP / Blue RedDV12810-BLRD
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