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Inon Zur

Fallout 76 (Original Soundtrack) Vinyl Box Set [Import]

Fallout 76 (Original Soundtrack) Vinyl Box Set [Import]

Laced Records | CAT #: LMLP129

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  • 55 remastered tracks from the open-world multiplayer Fallout title
  • Music covers launch OST and updates up to and including The Pitt
  • Six discs in transparent yellow, ochre, blue, red, green, and milky clear.
  • Rigid board slipcase
  • Spined inner sleeves
  • Artwork by Bethesda Game Studios


ARTIST: Inon Zur
LABEL: Laced Records

  • Video Game Soundtrack


To celebrate the Fallout series’ 25th Anniversary, the Vault Dwellers at Bethesda Game Studios and Laced Records have finished tinkering in their C.A.M.P. workshop and emerged with freshly crafted vinyl sets.

This Fallout 76 6LP vinyl box set features 55 remastered tracks pressed to heavyweight discs in transparent yellow, ochre, blue, red, green, and milky clear. These will come in spined inner sleeves, all housed in a rigid board slipcase. Music has been selected from the game’s launch OST and updates up to and including The Pitt. Sleeve artwork is by the game’s art team, and features different Power Armor and weapons from across different factions.

One of video games’ greatest composers, Inon Zur first worked on a Fallout title over 20 years ago; and as lead composer since Fallout 3, he has been able to shape the wasteland’s soundworld.

For Fallout 76, he complemented the post-apocalyptic visuals of Appalachia with a score full of beauty, nature, and space to breathe — tinged with danger and darkness, naturally. Through mysteriously interwoven instrumentation — leaning on strings and woodwinds in particular — Zur captures a sense of camaraderie, hope and rebuilding that is unique to this multiplayer open-world entry in the series.


1. Main Theme
2. Reclamation Day
3. You Must Rebuild
4. Invisible Ghosts
5. Find Me There
6. Wandering Appalachia - Part I
7. The Mole Miners
8. Burn Away the Mist
9. The Wind and the Reeds
10. Wandering Appalachia - Part II
11. The Savage Divide
12. Blackwater
13. The Power Plant
14. Gather Around the C.a.M.P. Fire
15. The Grafton Damned
16. Out There in Appalachia
17. Lit Only by the Stars
18. Moonrise
19. Catacombers
20. The Excavator
21. Nightfall in the Mire
22. Three Minutes
23. A Light up Ahead
24. Crags and Cliffs
25. Ash Heap Lullaby
26. Our Way of Life Will Endure
27. Wastelanders Main Theme
28. Wayward Souls
29. Strength in Numbers
30. Foundation
31. The Crater
32. Whisper a Story
33. All That Glitters
34. Follow Me
35. Appalachian Retrospective
36. Steel Dawn Main Theme
37. Homecoming
38. Dawn Patrol
39. Darkness into Light
40. A New Dawn
41. Atlas
42. Wildwood
43. Into the Unknown
44. Respite
45. Mission
46. Night Of The Moth Main Theme
47. Ritual
48. Dim Ones
49. Invaders From Beyond Main Theme
50. Visitation
51. The Pitt Main Theme
52. Smoke and Steel
53. Union Dues
54. Ashes to Fire
55. Uplink




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