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Konami Kukeiha Club

Konami Classics: Best of the NES (Black Friday RSD World Exclusive) [Import]

Konami Classics: Best of the NES (Black Friday RSD World Exclusive) [Import]

SPACELAB9 | CAT #: SL9-2061-1-2

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  • RETRO MANIA! For fans of 1980s and 1990s pop culture and video games.
  • This monster collection of Konami hits from the heyday of NES console gaming includes over 40 tracks spanning 1985 to 1992 from classic titles such as CASTLEVANIA, GRADIUS, CONTRA, DOUBLE DRIBBLE, LIFE FORCE and MONSTER IN MY POCKET.
  • Packaged in an LP jacket designed to resemble the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System cartridge, the
  • album also includes a booklet featuring liner notes and imagery from the hit game titles.
  • Available on limited colored vinyl, while supplies last.
  • *Features custom cover artwork from renowned game artist Astor Alexander (The Witcher 3: Gwent, Wolfenstein II, Fallout 76, etc.)
  • Pressed on Magenta Vinyl


ARTIST: Konami Kukeiha Club
CAT NO: SL9-2061-1-2

  • Video Game Soundtrack
  • Electronic


Whether you’re an old-school gamer from the heyday of 1980s console gaming or a fresh-faced retro gamer, KONAMI is a name that needs no introduction. SPACELAB9 is proud to offer this monster 43-track collection featuring key tracks from many of Konami’s biggest hit titles released between 1985 and 1992 on the father of modern console gaming - the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The limited edition vinyl collection is packaged in an LP jacket designed to resemble an original NES game cartridge with custom artwork and high-end finishes plus an 8-page full-color booklet featuring liner notes and iconic imagery from the games.


1. Gradius - Beginning of the History
2. Gradius - Aircraft Carrier
3. Gradius - Free Flyer
4. Gradius - Game Over
5. Rush N' Attack - Game Start
6. Rush N' Attack - Stage BGM #1
7. Rush N' Attack - Boss Battle #1
8. Rush N' Attack - Game Over
9. Castlevania - Vampire Killer
10. Double Dribble - Half Time Show
11. Double Dribble - Game Set
12. Stinger - Final Stage Power Up
13. Contra - Jungle
14. Life Force - Power of Anger
15. Life Force - Starfield
16. Life Force - Burn the Wind
17. Life Force - Peace Again (End Theme
18. Jackal - Main Title
19. Jackal - Game Start
20. Jackal - Middle Side
21. Jackal - Game Over
22. Blades of Steel - Winner
23. Blades of Steel - Select Game
24. Blades of Steel - Half Time
25. Bayou Billy - Game Start
26. Bayou Billy - Stage BGM #1
27. Bayou Billy - Game Over
28. Track & Field II - Game Start
29. Track & Field II - Competition #3
30. Track & Field II - Game Over
31. Snake's Revenge - Game Start
32. Snake's Revenge - Into the Jungle
33. Snake's Revenge - Final Boss
34. Base Wars - Select Mode
35. Laser Invasion - Select Missle
36. Laser Invasion - Aerial Combat #1
37. Crisis Force - Strong Body
38. Crisis Force - Drop the Bomb!
39. Crisis Force - Death
40. Monster in My Pocket - Main Title
41. Monster in My Pocket - Monsters in my House
42. Monster in My Pocket - Boss Battle
43. Monster in My Pocket - Twist Ending




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