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Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Byrne & Cong Su

The Last Emperor (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Last Emperor (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Music On Vinyl: At The Movies | CAT #: MOVATM305

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  • 2xLP pressed on 180-Gram Audiophile Classic Black Vinyl
  • Includes insert with liner notes and photos
  • PVC protective sleeve
  • Music composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Byrne, and Cong Su a.o.
  • 1987 Oscar Award For Best Music
  • Movie directed by Bernardo Bertolucci


ARTIST: Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Byrne & Cong Su
LABEL: Music On Vinyl: At The Movies

  • Soundtrack


The Last Emperor is a lavish historical epic directed by the great Italian filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci and starring John Lone, Joan Chen, and Peter O'Toole. The film tells the life story of Pu Yi, the last monarch of the Chinese Qing Dynasty prior to the republican revolution in 1911.

The score for The Last Emperor was created by an unlikely trio: Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Byrne, and Cong Su. The soundtrack is a theme-filled exploration of the sounds and musical traditions of Imperial China, filtered through some very contemporary sensibilities.


1. Ryuichi Sakamoto - First Coronation
2. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Open The Door
3. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Where Is Armo?
4. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Picking Up Brides
5. Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Last Emperor: Theme Variation 1
6. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Rain (I Want A Divorce)
7. Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Baby (Was Born Dead)
8. Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Last Emperor: Theme Variation 2
9. Ryuichi Sakamoto - The Last Emperor
10. David Byrne - Main Title Theme (The Last Emperor)
11. David Byrne - Picking A Bride
12. David Byrne - Bed
13. David Byrne - Wind, Rain And Water
14. David Byrne - Paper Emperor
15. Cong Su - Lunch
16. The Red Guard Accordion Band - Red Guard
17. The Ball Orchestra Of Vienna - The Emperor's Waltz
18. The Girls Red Guard Dancers - The Red Guard Dance



  • Arranged By – Brian Gulland (tracks: B1 to B4), David Byrne (tracks: B1 to B5)
  • Arranged By [Additional Arrangements] – Koji Ueno
  • Compiled By [Album] – Hans F. Zimmer, Haydn Bendall, Ray Williams
  • Conductor [London] – Gavyn Wright
  • Design [Sleeve Designed By] – KHBB Downtown
  • Engineer – Haydn Bendall (tracks: A1 to A9), Mike Jarratt (tracks: A1 to A9), Shigeru Takise (tracks: A1 to A9), Shinichi Tanaka (tracks: A1 to A9)
  • Engineer [London] – Clive Martin (tracks: B1 to B5), Hayden Bendall, Ian Sylvester, Mike Jarratt
  • Engineer [Tokyo] – Michio Nakagoshi, Shigeru Takise
  • Producer – David Byrne (tracks: B1 to B5), Ryuichi Sakamoto (tracks: A1 to A9)
  • Producer [Tokyo] – Aki Ikuta (tracks: A1 to A9), Hans F Zimmer*
  • Written-By – David Byrne (tracks: B1 to B4), Ryuichi Sakamoto (tracks: A1 to A9), Trad (tracks: B5, B7, B9)


Ryuichi Sakamoto was a genius Japanese musician, composer, and producer who has been active in the music industry for over four decades. He first gained international recognition as a member of the electronic music group Yellow Magic Orchestra in the late 1970s and has since become known for his work as a solo artist and renowned for his prolific film scores and collaborations with other musicians.

Sakamoto's music was known for its experimental, avant-garde sound, which incorporated elements of electronic, classical, and traditional Japanese music. He released numerous albums throughout his career, including the critically acclaimed "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence" soundtrack, which featured his hit single "Forbidden Colours."

In addition to his music career, Sakamoto was involved in a number of environmental and humanitarian causes. He was a vocal advocate for sustainable energy and worked with organizations such as Greenpeace and the Rainforest Foundation.

Sakamoto was also recognized for his contributions to music and culture. He won multiple awards, including an Academy Award for Best Original Score for his work on the film "The Last Emperor," and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Yellow Magic Orchestra.

On March 28, 2023, Sakamoto passed away at the age of 71 from a long battle with cancer. His influence on music and culture will continue to be felt for years to come.

Learn more about Ryuichi Sakamoto here.


  1. Thousand Knives (1978)
  2. B-2 Unit (1980)
  3. Left-Handed Dream (1981)
  4. Ongaku Zukan (1984)
  5. Esperanto (1985)
  6. Futurista (1986)
  7. Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia (1986)
  8. Neo Geo (1987)
  9. Beauty (1989)
  10. Heartbeat (1991)
  11. Sweet Revenge (1994)
  12. Smoochy (1995)
  13. 1996 (1996)
  14. Discord (1997)
  15. BTTB (1999)
  16. Comica (2002)
  17. Elephantism (2002)
  18. Chasm (2004)
  19. Out of Noise (2009)
  20. Playing the Piano (2009)
  21. Three (2013)
  22. Async (2017)
  23. 12 (2023)
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