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Terry Telson

While In Exile [Import]

While In Exile [Import]

Skull Valley Records | CAT #: SVR-001

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  • Limited to 300 copies
  • 1xLP pressed on Classic Black Vinyl
  • Includes an exclusive insert that outlines the story of the making of 'While In Exile' from Terry Telson himself
  • Completely remastered audio by Greg Reierson of Rare From Mastering
  • Download card included


ARTIST: Terry Telson
LABEL: Skull Valley Records

  • Folk / Country
  • Rock


Arizona has long been a land of outsiders, roamers, wanderers, and honest 'real people' artists. One such of these characters is Terry Telson. For nearly three years Terry isolated himself in the high mountains of Prescott, Arizona working diligently to perfect his craft. His effort, 'While In Exile' (released locally in 1975) fully embodies the spirit of the true Arizona poet, whose dedication and skill is displayed through grueling hard work, sacrifice, and outright honesty. While there are bountiful amounts of privately pressed folk records from the 1970s, very few are as genuine, and even fewer display the level of musicianship and resolve that Terry Telson delivers in sole Arizona release.

'I was in Chicago (born and raised) doing the folk club and college circuit. Which you have the live cuts from. I had a friend telling me how mellow Prescott was and that I could think and put the next level for me together. Finally after hearing that two dozen times and getting bored with where I was musically I bought into it. At the time there were some great players on the same circuit. John Prine, Steve Goodman. Bonnie Koloc, Tom Dundee, the Holstein brothers (Ed & Fred) etc. they all went on to bigger and better things and deserved to. I met several other good musicians who also unplugged from the grind / rut they too were in. It freed us all to just play and be creative. The people was a makeup of cowboys, retired, and hippies. Cowboys down in Prescott Valley, retired in cabins, hippies renting cabins. The three groups didn't get along that well, so we all kept to ourselves. We kept our musical hippie lifestyle going by making turquoise jewelry that the hustlers down in Phoenix sold as 'authentic' Indian.

I as others kept working on our music. When I thought I had the right amount of good cuts at the time, I recorded 'While In Exile' the name was meant to mean that I was in exile from the live music scene. It was recorded on a ¾' reel-to-reel recorder in a home studio we set up so any of the musicians could record their songs to hear what it sounded like all of us broke and a step away from living out with the bears. I filed for copyright and then the album was pressed in Phoenix. The cover photo was taken by my wife. The music scene in Arizona at the time was closed to everything but country and western. Figuring I got what I wanted from the mountains, I moved to San Francisco and the rest is yesterday's look in the rearview mirror.'

- Terry Telson


1. I Am Grey
2. If Hell Is Sin
3. Died With Their Boots On
4. Running Back To You
5. Defeat Of Cornwallis
6. GThe Alley Cat & Grizzley Bear
7. Shades Of Yesterday
8. When Evenin' Comes
9. Where The Wind Blows Me
10. Let The Tears Subside




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