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Tom Holkenborg

Zack Snyder's Justice League (Original Soundtrack)

Zack Snyder's Justice League (Original Soundtrack)

Mondo Music | CAT #: MOND-199

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  • Limited Edition
  • 7xLP Vinyl Box Set
  • 6x LP + 1x LP single-sided, etched
  • Pressed on 180-Gram Classic Black Vinyl


ARTIST: Tom Holkenborg
LABEL: Mondo Music

  • Soundtrack


Mondo and WaterTower Music are proud to present Tom Holkenborg's epic complete soundtrack to the fan-fueled phenomenon Zack Snyder's Justice League.

As pure as any film music expression has ever existed, Holkenborg's nearly-four-hour opus is as bombastic and singular as the film it compliments, and we are honored to present the premiere physical release of this staggering work of expression.

The filmmaking story behind Zack Snyder's return to his DC Comics juggernaut is well known at this point, but not enough time has been spent on the journey of the film's once-shelved score. The incredible composer behind one of last decade's biggest filmmaking triumphs (MAD MAX FURY ROAD) Tom Holkenborg joined the sadly far too large club of composers, across filmmaking history, to have their blockbuster scores replaced.But the big-budget redemption arc of Zack Snyder's original vision for Justice League presented Holkenborg with the opportunity to build upon what he had started many years ago, with new skills and tools - this time with no other cook in the kitchen but his director and friend.


1. Song To The Siren
2. A Hunter Gathers
3. Migratory
4. Things Fall Apart
5. Wonder Woman Defending / And What Rough Beast
6. World Ending Fire
7. Middle Mass
8. Long Division
9. No Paradise, No Fall
10. The Center Will Not Hold, Twenty Centuries Of Stony Sleep
11. As Above, So Below
12. No Dog, No Master
13. Take This Kingdom By Force
14. A Splinter From The Thorn That Pricked You
15. Cyborg Becoming / Human All Too Human
16. The Path Chooses You
17. Aquaman Returning / Carry Your Own Water
18. The Provenance Of Something Gathered
19. We Do This Together
20. The Will To Power
21. Smoke Become Fire
22. I Teach You, The Overman
23. A Glimmer At The Door Of The Living
24. How We Achieve Ourselves
25. The Sun Forever Rising
26. Underworld
27. Superman Rising, Pt. 1 / A Book Of Hours
28. Beyond Good And Evil
29. Monument Builder
30. Monument Destroyer
31. Urgrund
32. So Begins The End
33. The House Of Belonging
34. Earthling
35. Flight Is Out Nature
36. Indivisible
37. And The Lion-Earth Did Roar Pt. 1
38. And The Lion-Earth Did Roar Pt. 2
39. Superman Rising, Pt. 2 / Immovable
40. At The Speed Of Force
41. My Broken Boy
42. That Terrible Strength
43. An Eternal Reoccurence Of Change
44. We Slay Ourselves
45. Your Own House Turned To Ashes
46. All Of You Undisturbed Cities
47. The Art Of Preserving Fire
48. The Crew At Warpower
49. The Foundation Theme
50. Batman, A Duty To Fight / To See
51. Batman, An Invocation To Heal / To Be Seen
52. Wonder Woman, A Call To Stand / A World Awakened
53. Flash, The Space To Win / Our Legacy Is Now
54. Hallelujah




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